Pictures of the bride and groom taken away from the reception

Everyone who has attended a wedding is aware that the most beautiful day of a couple is also the busiest, they have to greet their guests, jumping from a table to another. There’s a risk that they could have pictures together only when they are at the altar.

So usually, wedding photo-reporter break the rule and ask the bride and the groom for a little session alone with him, away from the reception.

“There’s still a big difference between spending some time with the couple and ask them for particular poses”, says wedding photographer Mirko Treglia, while showing an amazing shot of a couple walking through a promenade and kissing.

“To shoot this picture, I asked the bride and groom to walk and do whatever they felt to, without posing, staying natural. They hesitated for a second but then they understood the importance of those minutes: a little portion of time for them to stay on their own during their wedding day. The result is a picture of a kiss that perfectly describes their love story”.

It will be very enjoyable to show either the most funny pictures and some romantic ones, which portray the couple and which are not in contrast with the rest of the album reportage, because in any case the result must not be forced, but it should be a real picture of love.