A good wedding photographer should always be alert
Some events in any wedding are obviously unpredictable, otherwise it wouldn’t be fun!
In such a full day, everything can happen: the bride might forget the bouquet, the priest might be moved to tears for the emotion of marrying a young couple. All these stories are worth to be told and captured because the more an event is unpredictable, the more it will be a perfect subject for a photograph.
This is why a good wedding photographer should never get absent-minded: because every bride, after several months spent thinking about any little detail for the perfect wedding, will love to remember either the flowers or the lace of the dress she chose, and the emotions and little stories which had been part of that day.
The photographer needs to be able to anticipate the best moments, and also to be always alert, working with his camera but most of all with his attention.
Because any time the bride and the groom look at their album, they should think: “That’s the exact way I remember that day!”.