The ability of skillfully moving in the background

When you think about a wedding album, there are usually some traditional shots that come to mind: two hands holding one another with the wedding rings, the bride and groom holding each other and smiling to the camera, a beautiful bouquet or a white dress. These are not stolen shots thou, but pictures created with a photographic set: this is not a wedding reportage.

If we ask guests or bride and groom to pose in a certain way, the image we get won’t tell anything about that special day, and they will only remember to have been asked for a pose.

Therefore it wouldn’t be a snapshot of a real moment of their wedding day, because a moment is that little portion of time which, to be carefully captured, must be fully lived by its protagonists, who should not be disturbed by someone who asks them for posing.

A good wedding photographer, who wants to make that day the most beautiful one for the couple, should be able to stay in the background, without breaking in the scene. This is why, in addition to a very good camera, a photographer needs the ability of anticipating the moment, patience and respect for the natural course of the events.