The photographer’s shots between technique and naturalness

During every wedding emotions and situations keep alternating, there are plenty of people meeting and sharing that day which is so special to any couple. During this incredible day the photographer has to capture the most meaningful moments, to have picture which do not only document the event, but which are also beautiful!
“That’s why the photographer does not only need to be alert and able to anticipate what’s happening, but he also has to find the perfect balance between composition and naturalness” said young photographer Mirko Treglia, who works in Brianza, Lake of Como and Lake of Garda as wedding photo-reporter.
Any reception has hundreds of guests, who are all busy doing something different from each other, whose particular expression which their very own story: among all these people, the photographer needs to isolate the most interesting moments, giving prominence to faces and actions, thinking about the balance between a natural and clear image.
Any picture needs to be measured! Thanks to the skillful use of technique, a good wedding photographer can provide the bride and the groom with an album which is neither chaotic or dull, made with sincere, stolen, and obviously beautiful pictures.