The wedding day is a day full of joy and happiness. It’s made of unforgettable moments following one another. For a photographer there is no bigger privilege than being chosen to document it.Doing a photo reportage about a wedding is a special activity and this means that each time experience and talent need to be used, mixed with a unique artistic sensibility.It means also to have an eye for detail and to catch any small undertone… from the children smiles, to the guests feelings; everybody, with the bride and the groom, will be object of attention and care.
Mirko offers a friendly, respectful and unobtrusive professionalism. These features made him an highly regarded presence.
Any natural and spontaneous behavior will be enhanced. None of the camera operator will stand in your path or will make you feel embarrassed, this means that you won’t be asked to pose in an unnatural or eccentric way…
Artlessness will be privileged, instead of banal and forced pictures because our main interest is to document your true emotions.
Mirko had been able to distinguish himself thanks of his ability in offering an exclusive and different service, and unique and original solutions for any couple.
It’s a matter of look and care, of imagination and creativity and, of course, of having the best equipment.
We will be glad to satisfy the most traditional taste as well.
The basic offer is made with 24×36 cm or 35×45 cm photographic albums, with about 100 pictures. But we will meet all your needs, and any personalized request will be satisfied.
What’s more, Mirko has been working for years for important RAI and MEDIASET tv programs, so your wedding video will be realized following the best stylistic criteria and quality standards.