Wedding with no posing: a reportage on the most beautiful day of your life

In everybody’s life there are unforgettable and unique moments which require precise and exact organization, during which nothing must be left unplanned.

To entrust a photographer like Mirko Treglia means to catch the magic atmosphere of the moment, and fix it on images and memories which will last forever.

Mirko Treglia, in fact, is specialized in wedding photo and video reportage and works in the Monza Brianza area, where, with the help of an highly skilled staff and a modern equipment, he operates in an unobtrusive way on the scene to capture the emotions and the joy of the couple and guests, with a particular attention on original details.

In a wedding photo or video reportage, Mirko Treglia privileges natural and spontaneous images rather than forced ones, and his aim is to tell the reality of the event  with no exaggerations.

This is why every single reportage is unique and its images really symbolize the feeling and the emotions you feel on your wedding day.

If you want to live the exact same feeling again through your photo-album, please contact Mirko Treglia, for photo and video reportage in Monza Brianza.