Shooting while anticipating the emotions

There are moments and events in any wedding which will live in guests’ and bride and groom’s memories forever, and which should be captured by the photographer.

This is why one of the most important peculiarities of any photographer is the ability to anticipate. “Experience plays a big role”, says Mirko Treglia, Italian wedding photographer who mostly works in Monza Brianza, “not only work experience, but also the interpersonal one. We often get involved in situations or feeling we’ve already experimented,  and this really helps us in anticipating what will happen”.

We need to catch the importance of a moment before it actually happens, trying to interpret signs: the groom who shakes his hand with the father-in-law, a girl’s amazed look ‘cause she sees the bride in her white dress for the very first time… these are all strong moments the photographer has to capture. Therefore the photographer needs to react and shoot fast, and be acknowledged that once the moment is gone, it’s lost forever!