Each wedding is unique.

In every bride’s memory there are moments which made her love story and wedding unique.
This is why every little girl starts to imagine her perfect day while she is still a child and, when she grows up and that day is about to come, she spends several hours choosing flowers, fabrics and colors… Because she wants her wedding to be unique.
To make this wish come true, the wedding photo-album has to tell a different story any time, because each wedding is inimitable!
Let’s think about the pictures we usually see in wedding albums: the bride and the groom either with their families or closest friends, perfect smiles and posing. These photographs don’t tell any story thou, and they don’t do justice to the uniqueness of the event and to the love that two people feel for each other.
The peculiarity of wedding photo-reportage is to catch the way any marriage ceremony is unique.
While capturing details and special moments, or the feelings of bride, groom and guests, the photographer makes his shots inimitable and sincere.
The result is a wedding album which not only proves the presence of family and friends, but also documents the undertones and the peculiarities of your own wedding day.