Mirko Treglia

After having attended some photography courses in school-age, he definitely entered the world of photography in 1994, working as an assistant in some photographic studios for more than 5 years. Over the time he had the chance to develop his professionalism in several fields , with passion and dedication.

In 2002 he started to specialize in reportage photography, portrait and wedding photography, improving his personal style for the creation of images full of emotion but, at the same time, natural and spontaneous.

In September 2003 he directed and coordinated the production and the artistic direction of the event “One Day Forever”, collaborating with famous TV stars. After getting in touch with the television world, he began his career as a camera operator in some local televisions first and, since 2006, working for the major tv production centers.

In RAI he started out with “La Domenica Sportiva”, “L’Italia Sul 2” and “Glob” by Enrico Bertolino and in 2006 he started an important three-years collaboration with the Fabio Fazio team for the television transmission “Che tempo che fa”, directed by Duccio Forzano. At the same time he set up the backstage for “Mediaset”, “Grundy Italia” and “Immagine e cinema”, working on the set of several TV series such as “Finalmente soli” with Jerry Scotti and Maria Amelia Monti, “Un Amore di Strega” with Alessia Marcuzzi, Pietro Sermonti, Anna Galiena and Luca Ward (produced by Edwige Fenech and directed by Angelo Longoni). After a one-year collaboration with the famous transmission “La Domenica Sportiva”, he’s now working for “Quelli Che il Calcio” by Simona Ventura, and he’s constantly in touch with a very professional team.

Of course he keeps dedicating himself with passion to photography, especially to wedding reportage.